It: Chapter Two Releasing Soon Along With New and Exclusive Funko Pops!

It: Chapter 2 will be out in the theaters soon (6 September 2019) and I'm just as stoked about it as when the first Stephen King's It came out in 1990. Even though it didn't get the best accolades from critics when it first came out, it gained momentum and became a cult classic, creeping into peoples dreams (nightmares) like a haunting on a hill from then on.

When It Chapter One came out in 2017, I probably was one of the first to buy tickets and be sitting in front of the big screen with a big tub of popcorn. The experience was unforgettable, just as the first movie. Every moment I was being pulled into the supernatural story and becoming more intrigued with the plot. It left me wanting more. And this time, it gave me more. What followed It was a ton of merch that wasn't there when the first IT movie came out. And the merch I had to have were the Pennywise It Funko Pops.These bad boys fit and look perfect with my other horror/monster pop collections like the one here. But they were such a pain to find, and they totally hurt the pocket book.

It: Chapter 2 Is going to be awesome...Well, who knows. Maybe not, but I know the new Funko Pops coming out for it will be. Several pictures and videos, like the one below, have cropped up. There's even an exclusive one that doesn't give any indication yet on where it will be released. But, hopefully, we'll know soon so we can get our hands on them before they're sold out.

I'm on edge already and the movie hasn't even released yet. I'm definitely going to go see the movie as soon I can. But even before that, I'll be looking out for the release of the new Pennywise Funko Pops. I'm hoping this time I find them before their prices skyrocket. I've found one of them here and put it on watch.