USED Mario Party 5 for GameCube, Complete: Game, Case & Manual

Take mini-games to a new level, claim the three Koopa Kids' coins, and be the champion in Nintendo's "Mario Party 5." This game lets you jump in the sand to play beach volleyball and glide onto the ice ring to show off your ice hockey skills. Enjoy an epic adventure story with Frightmare, duel to victory in Whomp Maze, and battle to the end in Bill Blasters or Random Ride. Grab the free capsules from the capsule machine and make your way to victory."Mario Party 5," developed by Hudson Soft, features a total of 80 mini-games. Anyone who has played previous editions of the Party series will be familiar with the formula of rolling dice to travel around a board and win coins and stars. Players acquire coins by landing on spaces and winning mini-games, and buying a star costs 20 coins. The winner of a round is the person with the most stars. In-game happenings can shake up the standings for Mario and his crew at any time.The Mario Party games have always been fun for the whole family because they provide an engaging yet level playing field. Each mini-game gives all the players the opportunity to win
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