USED Super Mario Strikers for GameCube, Complete: Game, Case & Manual

Mario has held many jobs over the years, such as a tennis pro, boxing referee, golfer, and plumber. In "Super Mario Strikers" for the Nintendo GameCube, Mario can add one more sports career to his list: professional soccer player. Developed by Next Level Games, "Super Mario Strikers" is the first game in the "Strikers" series. You play as one of the characters from the Mario universe in this five-on-five soccer game. In Europe and Australia, this GameCube title went by a different name: "Mario Smash Football." The original release date for this Nintendo GameCube game featuring the quick-footed Mario was December 5, 2005.You'll start each match by picking a team captain. These captains are the stars of various Mario-related franchises.
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